Metal Gear Survive

I'm a gamer. That's what I learned about myself. I've tried to be everything. Tech Support, Football, Rapper, Pharmacist, Banker, Writer. But one thing has stood with me since the beginning of time, and that is GAMING.

But I'm not just any gamer, I play a certain style. A Final Fantasy player (or most smart role-players in general) may call it THIEF CLASS. You sneak, you strike from the shadows, you go out for the loot (R.I.P Biggie) and you escape like a bandit. It's literally all I do. One of the best games to allow me to play like a thief is METAL GEAR SOLID.

Now, if you know this game, you know recently they have released their Hideo-less version, METAL GEAR SURVIVE some time after firing the creator and doing their own thing. Konami made a Metal Gear game, without Hideo Kojima?! The hardcore fans bloods boil as they take to the streets with their M4s, pistols, revolvers, and cardboard boxes. I wasn't one of them, despite being a fan before the Solid franchise. I gave the game a chance. And I say so far, I like it. A LOT.

************************SPOILERS AHEAD************************

There is much to say about this game so I'm going to say some of it, each time I play with the game and my kite (wink, wink) and find something interesting. If you like my style you might want to stay tuned for a future in live game broadcasting.

Ok, enough shameless marketing. Lets get to the game!

Now, there are plenty of things to do in Metal Gear Survive. You can gather materials washed up into this futuristic world left behind by the take over of nano-machines (that's the actual story). You can hunt, you can mine for materials, build weapons and gear, cook food, and make medicines (which you'll need dearly). Oh and you can also fight WANDERERS, which are these zombie like creatures that are quick and dangerous but blind...you basically know zombies by now, right? Like to come to life when you think they are dead, bite ya face?! But you are quick to learn they are not zombies at all...

In this episode I'm going to talk a bit about something that SCARED ME. By this point of the game, you would have already found out what has happened, you built your own base but it got destroyed by some asshole and you gotta build again with your new team, which consists now of an Engineer named Dan. It's another task of finding a mother board. But unlike the first part of the world, you are now in what I would call stage two. And stage two scared me.

On my way to find what is called a memory board to enhance the functioning of a super reasoning AI (Artificial Intelligence), it gets dark. I enter a jungle that looks similar to a level in Solid V. I hear hissing, I already know it's the Grabbers, these...creatures that blend in with the terrain and pose as plants, grab your leg if you get to close and try to bite yah face! Like a demon zombie...Bulbasar! I handled them quickly in the beginning but that was on regular land in the day time without nearly that many Grabbers around me. I was also getting hungry, thirsty and running out of oxygen. I had to move fast. But you can't cause the Wanderers and Grabbers both react (HEAVILY) to sound. I tried my best.

My best is very good if you've ever seen me play.

I listened, stalked the grassy terrain with low vision, like a Snake. Big Boss would be proud. I took out the grabbers by spotting them through the ground. I sniped the Wanderers weak points with my bow. I back stabbed, I distracted with distant sounds. I traversed the jungle like a pro. But, that's when the scary part happened.

I threw a crystal that makes sounds that the Wanderers slowly shuffle to in order to see what it was. But I didn't realize I threw the arch just a tiny bit off and hit a branch above where I wanted it to land. It cut my distraction distance in half, not to mention, at least 5 Grabbers popped up from the ground to see it too. Which would work properly, if only all the enemies were n front of me. Two were behind me and they let the others know where I was with a huge screech. One after the other the monsters screech and turn my way, charging to the music and towards me. I knew I was screwed but I was going to fight like the devil and take out as many enemies as I could before I was.

The music increased in intensity as I used me side arm pistol, bow and arrow and electric shock baton on creepy people and Bulbasars. I made it barely escaping with my life and move on to the next level. Unfortunately, like I said, I was low on Oxygen and was getting Hungry. My victory was short lived through the effects of human conditioning. My life bar starts to drop when my Oxygen Tank runs down to 0%, and I watch as my character joins his enemies in eternal sleep. Check out my screenshots below! None of this work belongs to me but if you want to donate to my awesome writing so I can fund a camera to show you live footage of this game, email me at outer.hehven@gmail.com! More coming soon as I play more!!