Interlude - Note From The Writer

Hey, guys and gals. It's been quite a while since I posted anything about the story line for my novel, Chapter 4our! There are a lot of outliers to this equation (hmmm, blogger doesn't think outliers is a word...try Statistics) but I wouldn't really be that much of a super spy if I told you what they were!

I'm updating you all with a note from the writer, who is me. I'm going to be posting Part 4 as soon as I possibly can think of where to take this story. See, the most important thing that kicked me in the butt was that the computer I had this story saved on crashed around Part 3. So, I had to make it up. Part 3 was fun though, no? Hopefully Part 4 will be smoother. Back up your stuff! Btw: here are some changes I'm going to make to the actual book:

1. The names will not be in color. This highlighting of the names when they speak is a long winded hassle that I cannot deal with. It slows the process of writing this story and it shouldn't be made into such a big deal.

2. I think that's really mostly the changes, hahaha! It's ok, the story will stay the same and in tact. Just know there is a lot of different things I have going on right now, mostly positive, like studying 3 languages: Spanish, French and C++, working as much as possible cause "I'm out here tryna pay these bills" and going back to hip hop shows, search "Lockes vs MC Blunt" on youtube! So, obviously writing a book is getting difficult. But hang in there! This mysterious story will be made and finished soon. Anyone want to be a character in the story line? email us at: outer.hehven@gmail.com and let us know these things:
A. Character Name
B. Faction: (GOV'T, Vigilante, Rebels)
C. Character Strengths
D. Character Weaknesses
And we will work on something, heck, you might be one of the very few with Super Powers!

That's enough rambling isn't it? Prescott Lockes Lawani, signing....out!